SoPilar, Belize

Closed 1 January 2018 until ...

We have tried to make a go of SoPilar as a licensed campground, but we simply have to give up the effort. Basically, we are too far off the beaten path.  Resorts have all kinds of complaints with government regulations but that is not our problem.  Instead, the Archeological Reserve we are positioned to support simple does not receive any traffic.  No traffic to the Reserve means no traffic to us, and that means no income.  It is true that running the resort is not expensive as such, since most of the expenses of caretaking the land and the buildings must be paid whether the resort operates of not, but there are the licenses and regulations to be met, and a number of business-related costs and nuisances that we just can't continue to support. 

The problem is a chicken and egg one.  The El Pilar Reserve is a magical spiritual place.  Change it with more excavation and exposing more of the monuments and you may increase visitor interest, but you may very well destroy the magic.  At the same time it is difficult to get to the site.   The road is rough at the best of times and in the time of mud (the wet season and any period of sustained rain) pretty close to impassible.  Fix the road and people will come, but why fix the road when no one comes?  Change the site and people will come, but why change things when people can't get through the road?

We will maintain the buildings and grounds for our own use, and in the vague hopes that at some time in the future things will change.  We will explore rental and leasing deals where the entire facility could be contracted to a research or charitable organization.  If that proves to be possible, the terms and conditions will appear here.

Updated 04/22/12